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This Point of View: The Outsiders Activities & Project is suitable for 7th - 8th Grade. Incorporate these ideas for tracking point of view into your lessons for S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders.

What is second-person point of view? Let's start with a second-person point of view definition. In fiction, pure second-person POV uses the perspective of a single character, the protagonist, to tell the story. This character is well-defined, with habits, traits and a unique personality. Point of View - YouTube Point Of View First Person and Third Person limited and omnicient - created at http://goanimate.com/ Point of View for grades 3-6 | Morningside Center for ... Then ask them to take the other person's point of view and rewrite the story. Have students tell a story from the point of view of a fish in a fish bowl watching people in the classroom. Have students describe the events in the classroom from the point of view of a Martian visiting this planet for the first time. Point of View - The Giver The point of view that the book The Giver is written in would be third person limited. I know it is third person because the narrator uses "Jonas" and "he" instead of "I" like in first person point of view. I also know that the narrator is limited to only see inside of Jonas' head because other people's thoughts are not heard, only Jonas'.

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The Outsiders Narrator Point of View - Shmoop First Person (Central Narrator) The Outsiders is told by fourteen-year-old Ponyboy Curtis. So, everything we learn in the story comes from his point of view, and through his eyes. As a narrator, Ponyboy strikes us a pretty honest and observant. He doesn't hesitate to show us his own flaws, and he tries to truthfully describe... What is the point of view in the book The Outsiders ... in the book the outsiders by s. e. hinton, the point of view is 1st person, because ponyboy is the narrorator, and because you know his thoughts but not any of the other characters. Point of view ... Point of View in The Outsiders | Study.com The point of view in The Outsiders serves as a lesson to the reader. We must all learn to see beyond a person's appearance for we are all people. We all have desires, fears, and needs. We just need to find a way to connect.

Some examples of a point of view are first person point of view, second person point of view, and third person point of view. A first person point of view is told ...

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The Outsiders, from Darry's perspective . It was Monday morning and I had nothing much to do. Mom and Dad wouldn't like that though, even if they were dead. I had to do something for them or Pony or Soda. Ponyboy was walking home alone today. He rarely uses his head. I don't know why. Point of View: First, Second & Third Person POV (With 70 ... Second Person Point of View Examples. The second person point of view endows the reader with the narrative point of view, asking them to place themselves directly in the headspace of a particular character: either the protagonist or a secondary personality. The pronouns associated with second person include you, your, and yours, as in: 12 Fascinating Facts About S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders ... The Outsiders, S.E. Hinton's 1967 coming-of-age novel, is a staple for young readers. Even if you've already delved into Ponyboy's tumultuous adolescence, you can probably still learn ... How to Choose the Right Point of View for Your Story

3rd person omniscient There are 3 different kinds of point of view (pov) 1st 2nd 3rd (limited or omniscient) First person pov uses words like: I, me, my, we, our Example: I ate the pie we made together in our house. PDF THE OUTSIDERS - wsfcs.k12.nc.us write a diary entry about a key scene from their point of view. A great creative writing activity! • Create Your Own Action Figure and Play Set - An excellent unit project! Students imagine that they work for a toy company, and choose a character and scene from the novel and to create their own action figure and play set! Omniscient Person Point of View — The Writer's Craft